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Company News Letter 


Fourth Issue  


It’s hard to believe we’re through the Holiday Season. Last year seems to have gone by so quickly.  With the heart of winter upon us, it’s important to keep safety as the main thought in mind every day.   “Safety” comes in many different forms. From the aspect of personal safety, always make sure you’re dressed for any weather emergency. 

Even if you don’t wear it while driving, have a warm coat, head gear, gloves and protective foot ware with you at all times.  Don’t end upstranded in the cold for any number of unexpected reasons. From a driving perspective, we all know the obvious (snow and everything that comes with it), black ice, traffic etc. Then there are the other issues; safety checks on your vehicles, check early to make sure the bus starts and warms up without excess idling.  Be sure to start buses over the weekend to avoid any monday morning surprises and clear any ice and snow.


bus accident.png

Don't count on the other guy to do the right thing. Drive defensively and with extra caution at all times.  Always remember, you're carrying "the package" everybody cares about most.

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A little Humor...

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Company Admin Directory
Please call 732-774-4000 and the extension
Driver Direct Office Number 732-638-0991

Operations Management
Morris Ext 4112 
Kevin Ext 4103
Call outs, routing issues, scheduling issues, camera issues.
Buses and Maintenance

Yehuda - Fleet Manager – Ext 4101
Aldrin –
Mechanics and Maintenance issues 
Fuel & oil change receipts, maintenance work orders,

vehicle records & documents, Zonar compliance - Ext 4111
Payroll issues and Employment Letters
Shay – Ext 4102
Safety and Training
Vern - Accident reports, Safety, Driver Complaints, Ext 4109
Human Resources
Shari – Employee records, License renewals, new hires – Ext 4108
Office Support and Dispatch Staff
Mike – Dispatch, write-ups, phone support – Ext 4106
Gianna –
Schedules, Phone support – Ext 4107

Geri – Route updates Phone Support - Ext 4114
Sarah –
Phone Support – Ext 4114
Stephany –
Dispatch and Phone Support - Ext 4104

A Sad Moment at Seman-Tov

It is with a feeling of extreme sadness and loss that the month of February 2023 began with the passing of two members of the Seman-Tov Company family











Ella Ransom.jpeg

On Friday February 3 rd Ella Ransom, who has been a bus aide with Seman-Tov since 2018 passed as a result of an unexpected cardiac incident while returning from her afternoon runs. Ella had worked as a supervisor in the food service industry prior to coming to Seman-Tov and served as a deaconess at her former church in Lakewood.  Ella would always tell her family and friends how she loved working with the kids on her bus every day and the joy it brought to her life.


Recipe of the Month

Cathy Davis's Sticky Bun Recipe

We thought this might be a fitting and easy recipe foranyone looking for a nice Breakfast snack that’s prettyeasy to put together.


2 Loaves frozen bread dough

1 Large Vanilla Pudding-not instant

1/2 cup melted margarine

1 cup Brown Sugar

1 TBS milk

1 TBS cinnamon

9x13 pan - well greased

Optional:  raisins



Sprinkle pan with nuts and raisins.  

Mix together first 6 ingredients and pour over nuts & raisins. 

Cut thawed dough into small pieces and lay in a single layer,on top of nuts etc.

Refrigerate overnight.

Bake at 350 for 30 minutes 

Let stand 5 minutes and turn out on a platter.

Note Worthy Issues at Samen-Tov

Once again as we go through February, fuel prices have seen increases. All drivers are asked to reduce any unnecessary idling time and mileage on their vehicles. As we go through winter the probability of higher fuel cost become an even greater issue. PLEASE CONSERVE AND SHUT DOWN

Our Monthly Reminder:
Please be conscious to follow your route sheets as
written. Turn for Turns should be written up by all drivers assigned to regular routes and submitted to the office. For consistency and scheduling purposes routes need to be done in the same manner everyday regardless of the driver on a given day. Deviating from the way a route is constructed violates our contracts and leaves you, a relief driver, schools, parents and the company in jeopardy if an incident were to occur on or with your bus.  ANY ROUTE CHANGES MUST BE SUBMITTED AND APPROVED BY THE CONTRACTING BOARDS OF EDUCATION PRIOR TO INITIATING THE ACTUAL CHANGE. THIS IS “LAW” AND LEAVES YOU AND THE COMPANY 

A Subtle Reminder 

Courtesy goes a long way in the mind of the driving public. Take a minute to let that other car out of an intersection, after all who really wants to be stuck behind a School Bus making numerous stops.

On Saturday February 4 th Ray Misner, who has been a bus driver with Seman Tov since 2014, passed unexpectedly after a short illness. Prior to coming to Seman-Tov,  Ray spent 36 years as a Teacher in the Neptune Twp school system and many summers as a life guard and water ski instructor.  Ray was an avid sports enthusiast who was a professional soccer referee for several years.  Ray could always be counted on for a big smile and story to tell. Sitting at the top of the stairs in the office, we’ll always remember Ray waiting downstairs and calling up for the elevator.


Somewhere on this page is something that isn't quite right.

Can you find it?

Text 732-759-5827

with your answer.

1st person to text the correct answer wins

a prize.

Good luck!


Employee Spotlight


AVI (Avshalom) NAGAR 

“The Man who never stops and
slows down.” The Energizer Bunny wouldn’t have a chance of keeping up with this guy. Forty plus years ago Avi had an idea to move from his landscaping endeavors to an “easier” lifestyle in the school transportation business. Those of us who have been around this profession for any length of time would question that term “easier.”  From a couple of vehicles and a few employees to the
hundreds of buses and probably well over a thousand employees throughout the years. Avi has made it happen
on sheer determination and hard work. If you’ve seen him moving buses around the lot when everyone else is long gone, cleaning a bus “just because it’s needed,” or taking out the trash at eight o’clock at night; you’ve come to understand what “work ethic” really is about.


Yitzy Nagar

The man who keeps all of us employed by keeping his business mind turning all the time. If you’ve
never been involved in the planning and future of a transportation business, it’s hard to imagine everything that goes into making it successful. You might think it’s just about the buses, but that is the frontend of the business. The backend is the contracts, the bidding process, the scheduling (making sure routes will tier 
together).  Route tiering and timing are the only things that make a profit out of this business.


Yehuda Nagar

This is the guy that can tell you
everything about each vehicle in the fleet and the best way to utilize each. Along with getting his hands dirty in
the shop when overseeing a repair project, Yehuda is on the road most of the day with an uncanny ability to cover
just about any route at a moment’s notice.


Nick Hinton

Nick is more of the shy and conservative
type, who is very knowledgeable about his duties and the equipment he uses each day. Nick, is always willing to quietly share his expertise with anyone needing help.


Donald Gillette

"Mr. Neat and Clean"  The ultimate gentleman at all times. To the best of anyone’s memory there has never been a complaint lodged by anyone about Donald. This is a monumental accomplishment, since every day, people call to complain about a multitude of issues. It is thought that Donald keeps a bus so clean you could eat off the floor, however we’re sure Donald would have none of that on his bus.

In Memoriam


Remembering our Seman-Tov friends and family who have passed away.


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